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Our project management company is truly the only Project Management Company in the Denmark that provides project management services and consulting as its core competency.

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Project Manager: Denmark Augmented Reality App (DkApp)(2015)
Project Manager: Denmark National Internet (DKNI) (2015)
Nominated as Denmark's top 100 most innovative people (2015)
Chief technology officer of European Robotic Federation (Robofed)(2013)
Chief technology officer at Blue Alert ApS (BlueAlert)(2014)
Member of Denmark Virtual 3D Organization
Member of Copenhagen Web Freelancers
Member of Amnesty International
Member of Denmark Red Cross
Member of Marcello Maloberti theater group
at "Atelier Teatral" Theater School (Atelier)
Board Member of (CFS) Cybernated Farm Systems Project (CFS)(2011)
Member of Scandinavian Innovation (SI)
Founder of Europe Multi Advertising Company (EUADS)(2010)
Founder of Denmark Tele-Medicine Project (T-Medicine)(2009)
Founder/Owner of BEZH International company (BEZH)(2000)
Founder of Denmark Learning Technology (DanLearning)(2010)


Intellectual Property Legal Advising
Master of public international law
International business legal consulting
Contract manager

Project Manager:
Microsoft Share point and Web Project Management Certificate
Project manager in Europe Advertise System
Project manager in Europe Stock Exchange project
Project manager in European Federation of Robotics

2003: Cult leader, The Robotic lifestyle movement
2004: IT manager, Presidential election, John Kerry and democratic party, USA
2011: Head of political movement, French Front National (FN), France
2014: Project Manager, "The Alternative" Political party, Danish Government, Denmark

Security Manager:
IT Security Certificate,:CBC
Robotic engineers, Human Robot specialist
Linux Server and Electronic Security CertificateFront National (FN) : Denmark
Red Cross Certificate, Denmark Red Cross

Graphic Designer:
Microsoft Photoshop professional edition certificate:The World Press Company
Microsoft Corel Draw and Microsoft Flash certificate:The World Press Company
3D Studio Certificate:TrueMax University, Denmark

Web Programmer:
Microsoft Frontpage, Dream weaver Certificate
html, php, asp, javascript, css, java, python, sql and ajax Programming Certificate
Joomla and Mambo Professional Editor Certificate
Certificate in BlackBerry 10 Architecture,development in C/C++ with BPS and Qt/Cascades:BlackBerry Denmark

Marcello Maloberti theater school: Italy
Actas International Theater: Lithuania
International Film making Certificate: Portugal
Theater actor certificate, International Theater School: Denmark
Film actor: DR2 Denmark
Theater actor: Atelier Teatral: Denmark

The story of Seven little seeds: France 2011
The Tigers: Italy 2012
Theater director, Atelier Teatral: Denmark
Elvira Madigan: Denmark 2013
The Post Office: Denmark 2013