Advertising Services

Our Advertising company is not offering only Online advertising, but it helps you advertise your products and services in the following medias:

Internet Advertising

The first alternative we look for our clients apart from search engine optimization is suitable online advertising methods. In this day and age advertising on the internet has a wider audience and appeals to a much bigger market then what it used to. With this in mind, it is not a question about having a budget, it is more a question of where to spend your online advertising budget.

So with this in mind we put together a list of the top 7 advertising options that I find to be most effective.

The list is as follows:

1. Google Adwords – Google allows you to bid on certain keywords and key phrases on a pay per click basis and also broken down on page impressions. You will find Google adwords extremely effective when starting out your Online Marketing in the early stages before starting SEO.

2. Yahoo Advertising – You choose keywords related to the products or services your business sells. You write a text ad to promote your business in search results. You decide the maximum amount you want to pay each time your ad is clicked.

3. YouTube - When a YouTube viewer clicks on your promotion, they see your video. You only pay when people click to see your video – not when people see your promotion.

4. Microsoft (MSN Messenger, Windows Live, – Microsoft have alot of different advertising packages, all in which work very well and even including others such as CNN and Xbox

5. Twitter - If you are serious about social networking and are active in this industry it’s a good avenue to target. Advertisers can tweet on your web page for a set amount. This set amount is calculated on your popularity and how many followers you already have.

6. Facebook – Facebook ads work very well and particularly well for online businesses that have a social aspect to it. You can display ads with text along side each wall of a user and is also based on PPC.

If you are looking at advertising in some of these top web directories, then be sure to contact our advertising company!

Television Advertising
Our Advertising Company works with the best TV creative, production and media professionals in the world and can create and manage your television advertising campaign from start to finish . . . wherever it plays.

We will also sign the contract _ on behalf of your company _ with best TV channels all over the world. No matter where you live or where your company is located, you can use our advertising company to advertise in any TV channel anywhere in the world.

Newspaper Advertising
With newspaper advertising, you have the choice to reach a large or small geographic collection of people. With National Newspaper Advertising, the coverage can be huge, but so can the rates. What you have to do here is weigh up if the advertising costs can be justified. A classified advert in a national can cost around 100 Dollars per scc (single column centimetre) but it can be up to £80. A DPS (double page spread) in a national like the Guardian will be around 50,000 Dollars. So, make sure that you set yourself a realistic budget when you look at the national's.
Whichever newspaper you use, always remember it is a format that has a very short shelf life indeed. Sometimes it is a very good move to combine newspaper or magazine advertising with other formats like Online advertising or even Radio Advertising. If you have a large budget, newspaper advertising can work extremely well with TV advertising campaigns.
Welcome to Nationwide Newspapers. We offer classified and display advertising in over 21,000 newspapers nationwide. We can reach a total circulation of over 100 million weekly. You can easily place all your classified ads nationwide, right here online, or by emailing your request to the Sales Department (use the contact forms)

Radio Advertising
Radio advertising cost is perhaps the most obvious and important of the top three characteristics of radio advertising that makes it a very attractive advertising vehicle. On both creative development and media costs, radio beats TV by a significant margin. Where the most simple and least expensive TV spot ad will easily cost well over $50,000 and take months to produce, you can have a radio spot developed for less than $1,500... in a matter of days or weeks. In terms of media costs, you'll often pay a minimum of thousands of dollars for TV media placement.

Magazine Advertising

Advertising in magazines is a proven way of generating high levels of responses from readers, especially weekend broadsheet newspaper readers who tend to be better off and inclined to make internet purchases.

However, the downside is that national magazine exposure is notoriously expensive and could be prohibitive for smaller businesses.

The good news is that there are plenty of local and regional publications, which can offer the opportunity to launch a magazine-based advertising campaign.

At our advertising company we have plenty of experience in and co-ordinating magazine advertising campaigns, from design to print, giving you the opportunity to target a more affluent potential customer.

We can also advise you which magazines would be best option for your business and which wouldn’t giving you a clear picture of where you should go with your marketing budget.