Cybernated Farm Systems

In the 21st century, it is unconscionable that any human being on the planet should go hungry, especially given our advanced technical capability to assist in producing food with minimal human labor input. One of the largest problems in the market, with respect to food, is the centralized nature of production and the costly expense of distribution, as evidenced by rising food prices that parallel rising gas prices.

What CFS aims to accomplish is to use Systems Engineering and Integration practices (as used by NASA and other technologically sound entities) to develop fully automated hydroponic/aquaponic farm facilities that are powered by clean energy systems, such that the facility is self sufficient, grid independent, and requires minimal technical support or human intervention.

In conjunction with global partners such as governments and humanitarian organizations, and with residential and commercial partnerships, our mission is nothing less than the complete elimination of hunger throughout the world, not by buying food for people, or even trying to rehabilitate their landscape for 17thcentury styled agriculture, but to empower them with localized direct food production facilities that address their survival needs immediately. BEZH, is the only distributor of CFS in Europe. please visit for more information

For more information you can visit EUROPE CYBERNATED PROJECT