Software Programming

Our Software Programming team provides software programming services. We create user friendly solutions to very complex problems. Companies include our work in their core product offerings.

Our teams are responsible for the development of major commercial software products and web applications.

We deliver more reliable applications in shorter time frames using our iterative "evolving milestone" process.

It enables you to achieve best case results even when you do not have specifications or your specifications start out vague and change often.

Some of the Tools and Technology we use are:
  • C#, WPF, Silverlight, C++, WinForms, MFC, ATL/COM, WCF, QT, Objective C, Java, Java Script, Ruby, Python, .Net, Prof-UIS

  • HTML 5, ASP.NET, AJAX, PHP, JSP, AJAX, SQL Server, MySQL, ADO.NET, Entity Framework, OpenCV, OpenNI, OpenGL, OpenSceneGraph, DirectShow, DirectX

  • User interaction: traditional keyboard and mouse, gesture, touch, voice

  • Windows, iOS, Android, Metro Apps