Apr 24 2017 Denmark: Small and Personalised

In Denmark, it is a tradition to think of people as unique individuals with different needs. This way of seeing people is combined with a genuine resp

Apr 18 2017 New Danish National Super Hospitals Ready for the Future

In the near future Denmark will have fewer, larger and more specialised hospitals and the use of health IT will be intensified. The objective of the n

Apr 06 2017 Food Tech StartUp Chooses Denmark

The award-winning app, Wolt, is the first of its kind in Denmark. By analysing data and identifying trends, Wolt matches users and restaurants in orde

Mar 28 2017 Denmark Is the Perfect Location for our Nordic Headquarter

The location in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is popular among employees in the Nordic countries, since the Oresund Bridge makes the commute bet

Mar 13 2017 Invest in Denmark Positive about Developments in 2016

In close cooperation with the Danish Regions and project specific stakeholders, Invest in Denmark achieved an annual result in line with the previous