May 24 2017 Elkjøp Nordic Chooses Denmark for Scandinavian Customer Service Centre

Elkjøp Nordic has placed its new Nordic customer service centre in Copenhagen, from where employees from Denmark, Norway and Sweden will handle inq

May 23 2017 Denmark Makes Energy Efficiency a Competitive Advantage

Increasingly, energy efficiency is becoming an obvious way to reduce production costs. In Denmark, energy expenditure amounted to 7.9% of the total p

May 15 2017 Denmark Ranks 6th in Global Connectivity Index

A strong ICT infrastructure, especially one that enables cloud capabilities, is the gateway to the digital transformation reshaping a nation's industr

Apr 24 2017 Denmark: Small and Personalised

In Denmark, it is a tradition to think of people as unique individuals with different needs. This way of seeing people is combined with a genuine resp

Apr 18 2017 New Danish National Super Hospitals Ready for the Future

In the near future Denmark will have fewer, larger and more specialised hospitals and the use of health IT will be intensified. The objective of the n